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Give your child the gift of learning to draw

Learning to draw will boost your child's creativity and increase their self-confidence. Our online drawing program will teach your child to put their dreams and ideas on paper.
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Designed for kids

Over the last fifteen years, we've taught thousands of kids to draw in our two Seattle-based schools. Now our program is available in your home. Our online art class for kids has been designed from the ground-up specifically for kids aged 6-12.

Learn at their own pace

All kids learn differently. Video-based art instruction allows your child to pause the video when they need to. They can rewind if they missed what the teacher said, and take classes over and over again until they are ready and feel confident enough to move on to the next lesson. Classes can be taken on your iPad/tablet, laptop, or home computer.

Access never expires

A one-time purchases gives you life-long access to the videos. Your child can watch as many times as they like, and access never expires. There is no monthly subscription commitment. We understand as parents - things can get a little hectic sometimes! There's no pressure - take class on YOUR schedule at their pace.

Make learning fun

Learning should be fun! We've hand-picked six awesome topics to get your child excited about learning to draw. Each lesson includes an educational segment that gives academic information on the subject. Lessons include:
  • Tropical Fish
  • Macaw Parrot
  • Creative Castles
  • Float Planes
  • Dogs & Puppies
  • Dragon Designs

Parents learn too

We are a team! Members get full access to our library of parent tip-videos where you'll find useful advise to coach your child through challenges in their creative journey.
  • How to create a supportive home learning environment
  • How to talk to your child about their artwork
  • How to support your child when they feel discouraged
  • Art Supply tips and storage suggestions



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