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Our children are growing up in an ever changing world and our education systems are having a hard time keeping pace. Sadly, the Arts are being underfunded or abandoned all together at a time when organizations across the world are searching for creative leaders that can keep pace with the constant change. At Thrive, we believe the key to preparing our children for the future is providing an education that balances core academics with strong creative skills.

A common myth is that some people are born more creative than others. The truth is that we are all born equally creative, but often our creativity becomes squelched as we grow older. As parents, we can nurture this critical gene in our children.

By using art as a teaching medium we aim to develop children’s creative problem solving skills and build confidence to fearlessly tackle the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Theresa Harris
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About Theresa

Theresa Harris founded Thrive Art School LLC in 2000.

She has two schools located in Seattle and her love of art is closely linked with its potential for confidence building and empowerment. With a Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington, Theresa launched Thrive Art Online after a successful Kickstarter campaign where she raised over $30,000 from supporters all around the world.

Since founding Thrive, Theresa has become a proud mom of two boys. The experience has only deepened her love of the school: "Now more than ever I appreciate parents' desire to provide their kids with valuable learning experiences. I'm so happy that Thrive can be a part of that."

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