Our Method

What will your child be when they grow up? Who knows!

It's possible that your child’s future occupation, passion, or cause, doesn’t even exist yet! Our world is changing at lightning speed and we need to raise confident kids who can think out of the box and develop new ways of doing things, not only for them to lead a satisfying and rich life, but to ensure a healthy future for everyone.

The power of art

The great news is that as parents we can cultivate our children’s creativity THROUGH THE POWER OF LEARNING TO DRAW! Our step by step art program is the perfect vehicle to teach creative innovation. It's fun, confidence boosting and filled with opportunity for invention.

Our process

Step 1

We start with teaching the basics of how to draw, because like most anything, you need a strong footing to take off from.

Step 2

Next we help kids to ‘catch’ their BIG ideas. Light bulb moments are captured and possibilities are explored.

Step 3

With basic skills mastered - it's time to try out ideas and see solutions through with curiosity and persistence.