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Includes 6 HD video art lessons
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Lesson details

Six exciting and fun lessons to get your child excited to learn to draw! Take class on your laptop, iPad or home computer, whenever it works for your schedule. Each lesson ~30-40 mins.

  • 1: Ocean Octopus

    Dive into this underwater octopus lesson and create all of its quirky charm in oil pastels.
  • 2: Water Lily

    Purple? Yellow? What color will yours be? Use oil pastels to create a realistic or imaginary water lily.
  • 3: Lion Portrait

    It's time to draw the most famous of the big cats- a lion! Oil pastels are purr-fect for a fluffy mane.
  • 4: Sailing Ship

    Set off on a voyage to discover new watercolor techniques in this adventurous lesson on sailing ships.
  • 5: Turtle Textures

    Make your turtle a happy home as you design its shell and paint it with new watercolor techniques.
  • 6: Imaginary Tree

    This mixed media lesson combines oil pastel and watercolor to create your own unique tree.

Academic subjects

Subjects with kid-appeal include fun facts so kids learn while drawing and developing problem solving skills.

Skills & technique

Develop life-long art skills so your child's creativity soars. Includes line contour, composition, textures, details and more.

For parents

Parents learn too! While your child gains confidence and expands their creativity, you will have full access to our parent tip videos. Here you will learn how to best support your child on their creative journey to enhance their learning experience.

  • How to create a supportive home learning environment
  • How to talk to your child about their artwork
  • How to support your child when they feel discouraged
  • Art Supply tips and storage suggestions
  • Display and storage tips for all your child's amazing artwork

* Supplies are not included with the purchase price.

We recommend the following supplies for our Intermediate program. You can either find these materials at your local art store or purchase online below.

Oil Pastels

These oil pastels go on smooth and blend easily for layering and mixing colors. A great, non-toxic artist quality set of 25. Note: While they look similar , don't confuse oil pastels with crayons! Please do not use crayons for these lessons. Crayons are made from wax (rather than oil) and do not allow for blending and layering- two core techniqes in this program.

Multi-Media Paper Pad

This pad of 9x12 multipurpose paper works well for oil pastels and watercolor. The paper is medium weight, with just enough tooth to hold paint but not too textured so its great for layering oil pastels. Includes 60 perforated pages for easy removal.

Black Permanent Pen

We will use a permanant black pen for the drawing portion of each lesson. Permanant pen is a must for watercolor lessons so your lines don't smear. If your permanant black pens are still in good shape from the Beginner Program, use those or purchase another two-pack to have more on hand.

Watercolor Paint

This set of eight colors provides rich, fade-resistant paint that goes on smoothly. The lid can be uses as a palette to mix additional colors. For more color options, look for Prang Oval Set of 16. Non-toxic and odor free.

Watercolor Brushes

This brush set provides a nice variety of sizes for different watercolor techniques. The synthetic hair holds paint well and firm bristles allow for detail and sharp edges.

Masking Tape

Use to tape down paper during watercolor lessons to minimize the paper buckling and warping.

What parents are saying about Thrive:

Seattle, WA

Art without the commute

We love your lessons! It's like having an art teacher right in the house! My son would come home from school, run to his table and draw until dinner time. It's quite far to drive to Seattle for weekly lessons so this is a treat for everyone. :)
Seattle, WA

He's so proud

Our son Oscar LOVES the program. He shows his work to anyone who visits and with my parents on skype. He is hooked for sure.
Seattle, WA

I'm so happy

I am so happy, I am practically in tears! My son Sam generally refuses to do any art projects due to his fine motor challenges. He is the only one in his class who does not have a self-portrait hanging on the wall. After two Thrive online classes, Sam came home from school with an amazing self-portrait!! I'm beyond thrilled that his confidence was boosted enough by just two lessons!
McKinney, TX

Easy to follow

The challenge was great for my son, and he felt such a sense of accomplishment in the end. The lessons were so easy for him to follow, yet there was room for creativity.
Batavia, IL

Quiet Time

My daughter worked all by herself for over an hour, and didn't want us to see until she was all done. She was so proud of herself!
Boulder, Colorado

Frame it!

During the lesson my son said, “I sure hope you frame this and hang it on my wall mom.”
San Francisco, CA

Loving class

My 5 yr old daughter is loving this class. She is getting more confident by doing the lesson several times and is internalizing and learning your method. This video lesson is better than a live class because she can do it several times at her own pace.

Anytime access

I appreciate, being on a different continent, that we can access the lessons when they work for our family and can play, pause, and repeat as often as necessary. Magic! You are a really great teacher!
Shoreline, WA

So stinkin' cool

While doing the lesson, I didn't hear a peep out of my daughter for a full hour. She came out once to show me with a huge smile on her face and said, “This is so stinkin' cool!” Preteens and their buzz words. lol! The timing of the lesson was spot on. It wasn't too fast, wasn't too slow. It contained clear, simple instructions. My daughter was able to set up the lesson without my assistance - and wanted to do it all by herself.
Seattle, WA


For an active middle school boy, I really cherished watching my son sink into a comfy spot and focus on drawing. This class was an excellent way to get the artist in him going.