Earth Day Art

Yay for Earth Day! Earth Day is April 22nd and there are lots of ways you can celebrate with your kids. My favorite way is to get out in nature. We love to go on hikes or just hit Seattle’s urban trail systems and explore.

Making art is also a great. Here is a fun drawing and painting project you can do with your kids that will have them expressing their appreciation for our natural resources in no time.

This project is for kids age 5 and up and adults too- so if you don’t think you can draw, this just might change your mind! 

Line Earth Day0005


Watercolor Paper

Permanent Black Pen

Watercolor Paint/Brushes

Water bowl/paper towels
You can also complete this project with markers or color pencils, whatever you have on hand.

1. Start by talking to your kids about what they love about nature. Come up with 3 or 4 specific things to draw in your artwork (animals, trees, water, sun, mountains etc)

2. Use scratch paper to practice drawing very basic shapes that represent things on your list. ‘Stick figure’ style drawing works great for this. The purpose is to get your hands warmed up to drawing and decide on some images you want to draw in your artwork.

 PicMonkey Collage

3.  Use a plate or other circular object to trace a circle onto your watercolor paper.

 Line Earth Day0004

4.  Using a permanent pen, draw a line roughly across the middle of the circle. If you’re going with a ‘land’ and ‘ocean’ theme, everything above the line can be land and below the line, ocean. 

5.  Draw ‘things from nature’ with a permanent pen above and below the mid-line you drew on your paper.

 Line Earth Day

6.  Color your picture. Markers, color pencils and watercolor will all work great. For small areas, use a small brush or small tip to help keep the shape you drew. Or you can ‘wash’ transparent layers of watercolor over your drawing and allow colors to blend together, not worrying about staying inside the shapes you’ve drawn.

Black Earth Day0001


Here’s a variation of the project using pastels: 


PicMonkey Collage (2)

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