Easter Art Project

With my two boys home with colds today and Easter this weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to try one of my favorite Easter themed art project with them.

I love coloring Easter eggs so I took that concept and put it to paper to make an Easter Egg Resist painting. These paintings can be used as greeting cards, table setting decorations, or?

A “resist” is a  fine art technique which can easily be done with kids at  home. In a resist artwork, a picture is created using a material, such as tape, or glue or, in this case, an oil pastel and then painted with a water-based material such as watercolor paint. When the paint is brushed over the oil pastels, the paint does not stick to the pastels, and it creates an interesting effect on your paper.



Easter Egg Resist Painting


  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor paint
  • paint brush
  • bowl for water
  • oil pastels
  • sisssors
  • glue


  1. Lightly draw an egg shape on watercolor paper
  2. Draw any kind of design with oil pastel
  3. Paint right over the design with watercolor
  4. Cut out and glue onto construction paper to make a card, picture, or table decoration.

If you don’t have oil pastels around, you can experiment with crayons for a similar ‘resist’ effect.

Have fun!

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