Fall Harvest Drawing Project

Fall is definitely here – the leaves are turning red and orange, and we’ve all been seeing a lot of pumpkins around the neighborhood. Now’s the perfect time to try out some of those details in an art project! This fall harvest scene combines trees and pumpkins with learning a step-by-step technique for drawing a cow. There’s also lots of space for kids to add their own designs and ideas along the way. For art time with the whole family, parents can make their own project alongside the kids – see how many fun, different ways it can turn out!



sturdy, smooth paper (like white card stock)

permanent black pen


Optional Additional Supplies: colored pencils, chalk pastels

Note: If you’d rather do this with watercolors or other paint, just use watercolor paper instead!

1. Start with the cow’s head – first a small curve for the top, with ears spreading out to each side. The face is turned a little to the side, so on the right side just go straight down (instead of curving, like we do on the left side). Add a dot for the eye, just on the left side – turn your own head to show your child how when a face is turned to the side, we only see part of it!


2. Outline the body and legs. Notice how the back leg curves backward a little from the body.


3. Add an “S” curve for the tail, then turn it into a double line and curve out for a little tuft of hair at the end.


4. Complete your cow with lines for the hooves, horns and spots. Let your spots be big and a little wiggly, curving close together.


5. Now it’s time for the background! Add a line in the distance to separate the ground from the sky, then fill in as many pumpkins and trees as you want. For more ideas, ask your child to think about what kinds of autumn details they’ve noticed around them, or what would be fun to add to a scene of a farm.





6. Fill in your colors with markers. Consider what it would look like to use some fall colors for the trees or ground, but don’t be afraid to use whatever colors you want – it’s ok to make a purple cow, if that’s what feels fun!


Younger kids might get tired trying to fill in the whole background with markers, so feel free to use chalk pastels for the big parts. Just add a light coat and then have them rub it in with a paper towel wrapped around two fingers.


For older kids, or little ones who enjoy a lot of detail, use colored pencils to add more designs, textures and details on top of the marker. You can add some shading to your pumpkins, include extra details like fallen leaves, or even go wild with imaginative patterns on your cow!


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