New Intermediate Program is coming June 24!


I’m so excited to announce the Intermediate Program will be available June 24!

The new program is filled with fun topics and great techniques for oil pastel and watercolor- two of my favorite art materials. But those aren’t the only reasons I am eager for your kids to dig into the new lessons-

The Intermediate Program represents what I truly set out to do when I began Thrive online.

I love seeing kids light up when making art, but I also have a bigger vision beyond teaching art techniques.  I want to support your child as they grow and stretch their creative muscles and develop the confidence to pursue anything they set their mind to- on paper and in life.

The Intermediate Program sets out to do just that- I introduce kids to the steps that go into being creative. They’ll learn how to come up with ideas, plan a project, get started and reflect on their work.  Knowing the creative process will give them confidence to spin off and create more on their own.

Have a peek at the Intermediate Program highlights:

Stay tuned for our official launch on June 24! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out your free trial of the Beginner Program today!

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