The Art of Being Present

I went on the swings with my son at the park yesterday and it was one of the most joyful experiences of my life. He sat on my lap facing me and we took turns pumping our legs until we got quite high. Holding on to the chains, he leaned back and as the wind blew through his hair and his entire being filled with joy, he shouted, “Wooooo-hooooo!” Then I leaned back and felt the rhythmic motion of the swing carrying us through the air, and I shouted, “Yee-ha!” We both laughed as we took turns leaning back shouting. Then he wrapped his arms around me until the swing slowed to a stop. I felt so connected to him, so happy and alive in that moment.

Swing pic

Making art can provide a similar opportunity for joy, both for us and our kids. When we make art we can’t help but to be in the present moment.  Art engages all of our senses and we become captivated with what is right in front of us. I think this is why making art is so enjoyable and so good for us.

 Being present is an essential part of learning new things; It’s required if we want to connect with each other and we need to be present in order to experience joy.

The art of being present is something we can practice along side our kids- take a walk, make art, play together.



Today my son turns 5 years old. I am so grateful for all of the life lessons he teaches me. As he grows, I grow. He inspires me to pay attention to what’s truly important and helps me to remember to be present during the crazy/serious/sweet parts of life.

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