The Perfect Homemade Father’s Day Gift in Three Easy Steps

Father’s Day is coming up and if you are on the hunt for the perfect homemade gift, this collaborative painting might be just the ticket. My kids and I had a blast painting together and we’re excited to surprise Dad with his special gift.

 If you don’t see yourself as the artsy type, don’t let that hold you back. This project is easy, fun, and made with love- what else could you want in a homemade gift?


Canvas or other painting surface

Paint- poster paint or tempra, several colors

Brushes- foam or craft brushes

Wax paper to use as a pallette

Paper towels, wet rags or wet wipes


1.  Choose a Painting Surface. We used a 24×24 stretched canvas, but a larger or smaller surface will work. You can purchase one at a local art supply store or online at Blick Art Materials. You can also use a piece of ply-wood but canvas is lighter and easier to hang. If you are using plywood or other un-primed material, prepare the surface to accept the paint by applying a few coats of white paint or gesso.


2.   Get Your Supplies Ready. Being prepared makes this project more fun and less mess. Throw a drop cloth down if you care about the floor, squirt paints onto wax paper, have at least two brushes per child, and have your paper towels and wet cloths at arms reach. Then, invite your kids in to paint.


3.  Paint. Everyone go for it! To keep colors clean and vibrant, dedicate one brush per color or give the brush a quick wipe with a paper towel before dipping it into a new color. Experiment mixing colors on the canvas using the brush, a wadded-up paper towel, even hands or feet. When you are all happy with the painting let it dry completely. You can keep adding to it after it dries and for a white-washed look, rub a light layer of white paint over the entire painting.


The possibilities are endless with this collaborative painting! You can draw on it or collage trinkets, photos, or other embellishments, making sure to use glue strong enough to hold your treasures.


Here’s our finished piece! Inspired? Want to give it a go? Let me know. What’s been your favorite homemade Fathers Day gift?


Happy Painting!


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